The first ever ALIVE OS Immersion

Create the life you desire

Master the Game of Life with CEO Suzy Batiz in a two-phase experience curated to help you discover the tools that catapulted her into success and implement in your own life.


Journey with Suzy Batiz, the Founder and CEO of Poo~Pourri

Discover the tools that led Suzy to an epic life - including becoming one of Forbes' Richest Self-Made Women!

  • Identify What Multiplies Your Energy
  • Get Unstuck From Limiting Beliefs
  • Learn To Love Your “Failures”
  • Increase Your Courage To Transcend
    Your Biggest Fears

A Two-Phase Course With The Power To Transform Your Life

  • Virtual Course

    Prepare for your 3-day Immersion with the online soul-provoking course, focused on shifting you spiritually, psychologically and physically.

  • Weekend Immersion

    This spring in person, deepened course discoveries and engaged in somatic practices with Suzy and Energy Guides in an intimate group of 50 women at the Temple of Transformation in Dallas, TX.

Start Your Expansion Today

Alive Portal Activation

Awaken your chakras and learn how to use energy, frequency, and vibration as a catalyst for success with Suzy’s guided meditation video.

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Searching for affirmations?

Trust the 1000+ Alive Graduates

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    "Before Alive OS I thought I was stuck on a narrow path. Now I know there are no paths, just endless possibilities that I’m free to explore."

    Véronique B.
    Director of Operations, Kite Parade
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    "I found the opportunities to dig deep into myself as a refreshing and much-needed activity….(ALIVEOS) has allowed me to grow into a more balanced approach to finding an abundance of peace, joy, drive, and passion for the gifts, talents, and life that I have."

    Jon B.
    Owner, Chameleon By Design
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    "Before AliveOS I thought I would never stop getting in my own way. Now I know that I have the power to create my own reality through careful alignment with my integrity and intention."

    Chandler M.
    Co-Founder, Product of Therapy
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    “Before Alive, I thought that I couldn’t trust myself. Now I know that trusting myself is my greatest superpower and gift to the world.”

    Krista C.
    Coach & Enneagram
Suzy Batiz

Seeking More Life Force Energy?

It’s Seeking You Too

A sneak peek into your journey through the one-of-a-kind online course

Principles of Alive OS

Ignite transformation across three planes in order to create true transformation: body, mind, and soul.

  • Physical

    Practical logistics, strategic plans, and/or somatic release in the body to create transformation in the physical world

  • Psychological

    Looking inward to identify patterns and root causes. Work to transform them through modalities like EMDR or hypnotherapy

  • Spiritual

    Setting intentions and/or working with intuitive and higher reals to realize the higher purpose of your transformation

Alive OS Immersion Pricing

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Regular Pricing

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What’s Included in the Alive OS Immersion

Access to the online course

Prepare for your 3-day Immersion with the online soul-provoking course, focused on shifting you spiritually, psychologically and physically

3 Day live Immersion

During the immersion: MAY 5, 6, 7
  • Access to the 3-day live immersion course with master teacher, Suzy Batiz
  • Intimately hosted at Suzy’s private church home in Dallas, TX
  • Daily yoga and guided mantra meditations
  • Energy Healing Sessions
  • Seven healthy, locally sourced meals to nourish your mind, body and soul
  • Curated ALIVE OS® gift bag
  • Local ride sharing discount codes
  • A Graduation Ceremony Sunday evening
  • … and more surprises along your journey!
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Common Questions

How Impactful Is The Immersion?

Through self-awareness, a willingness to change, intense focus, and a commitment plan, one is able to embody the values and habits of the person they truly desire to be. Out of the thousands of graduates, the most impactful experiences come from those who commit to the journey and act in alignment with their authentic self.

Will I have 1:1 Access to Suzy?

You will learn from Suzy in her private home where there will be opportunities for networking, Q&A and an intimate graduation ceremony.


Phase 1 of the ALIVE OS®  Immersion will be completed virtually on our online portal.

Phase 2 is a 3-Day weekend experience with Suzy Batiz and Energy Guides in Dallas, TX.


To achieve maximum transformation, we ask all members to commit to an open mind and complete the entire journey.


Yes! You will find payment plans in the shopping cart upon checkout.


At this time the Immersion is only offered to women.


The schedule for PHASE II will be confirmed and posted in March. If you are traveling to Dallas, plan for a Monday departure.

  • FRIDAY, MAY 5th  |  3pm Welcome gathering  |  5pm Journey begins
  • SATURDAY, MAY 6  |  Early morning into the evening
  • SUNDAY, MAY 7  |  Early morning into the evening concluding with the Graduation Ceremony and closing