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Master the Game of Life with Suzy Batiz and discover the tools that catapulted her into success while implementing them in your own life.

Alive OS Online is Here

The transformative course created by Suzy Batiz, the Founder and CEO of Poo~Pourri and Supernatural, is now available in online!

Begin the journey based on the 20+ years of Suzy’s learnings and research to discover the tools and Alive philosophies to uncover your authentic self and create the life you truly desire.

  • Identify What Multiplies Your Energy
  • Get Unstuck From Limiting Beliefs
  • Learn To Love Your “Failures”
  • Increase Your Courage To Transcend
    Your Biggest Fears

Can You Feel Your Alive Energy?

Embark on a journey to self-love and abundance with Alive OS. In just six weeks, transform your perceptions, break free from life's constraints, and align with your true vibrational energy. Experience firsthand tools that paved the way to Forbes' elite list and connect with a like-minded community. Your vibrant future awaits.

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Behind Alive OS

Meet Suzy Batiz

Suzy used the tools of Alive OS to transform her life and.....

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Searching for affirmations?

Trust the 1000+ Alive Graduates

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    "Before Alive OS I thought I was stuck on a narrow path. Now I know there are no paths, just endless possibilities that I’m free to explore."

    Véronique B.
    Director of Operations, Kite Parade
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    "Before AliveOS I thought I would never stop getting in my own way. Now I know that I have the power to create my own reality through careful alignment with my integrity and intention."

    Chandler M.
    Co-Founder, Product of Therapy
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    “Before Alive, I thought that I couldn’t trust myself. Now I know that trusting myself is my greatest superpower and gift to the world.”

    Krista C.
    Coach & Enneagram

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Crafting Your Personal Mantra

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Mapping Out Your Energy Flow

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Mindful Mornings

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Principles of Alive OS

Ignite transformation across three planes in order to create true transformation: body, mind, and soul.

  • Physical

    Practical logistics, strategic plans, and/or somatic release in the body to create transformation in the physical world

  • Psychological

    Looking inward to identify patterns and root causes. Work to transform them through modalities like EMDR or hypnotherapy

  • Spiritual

    Setting intentions and/or working with intuitive and higher reals to realize the higher purpose of your transformation