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Now available online for the first time, Alive OS  is your 8-week roadmap to authentic vibrancy and abundance. Tailored for individuals ready to transcend boundaries set up in their life, this course offers powerful principles, exclusive coursework, and a community of resonating souls. Let Suzy Batiz's two-decade journey provide you a toolset and inspire you to recalibrate, reimagine, and realize your true potential in every aspect of life.

Seeking More Life Force Energy?

It’s Seeking You Too

A sneak peek into your journey through the one-of-a-kind online course

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    "Before Alive OS I thought I was stuck on a narrow path. Now I know there are no paths, just endless possibilities that I’m free to explore."

    Véronique B.
    Director of Operations, Kite Parade
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    "Before AliveOS I thought I would never stop getting in my own way. Now I know that I have the power to create my own reality through careful alignment with my integrity and intention."

    Chandler M.
    Co-Founder, Product of Therapy
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    “Before Alive, I thought that I couldn’t trust myself. Now I know that trusting myself is my greatest superpower and gift to the world.”

    Krista C.
    Coach & Enneagram

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